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A donation of any amount can be made directly on the Building Bridges of Hope website at: www.bbofhope.org  (All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE)


***As a Thank You for your donation of $1 or more to Building Bridges of Hope, you will receive an MP3 of Nash3's "When Will I Be Loved". ***


Our Mission:



Building Bridges of Hope is a music-driven, non-profit organization founded to help collaborate the many charitable efforts of Bill, Kim, and Jimmy Nash.

Through BBOH, the Nashes have dedicated themselves to using their musical talents to help raise funds and awareness for worthy causes. They recognize that music is the universal language and through it they communicate their message. Their mission is to write and sing songs that instill and inspire faith and hope in the hearts of people.


To date, BBOH has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities.

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