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Bill & Kim Nash

Bill and Kim share the same last name, but that’s not all!  This dynamic singer/songwriting duo had the same uncommon upbringing in the music industry.  They share strikingly similar backgrounds of traveling and singing with their families: Bill, a part of  “The Nash Family Trio”, who recorded 2 albums for Columbia Records and Kim, a part of “The Belknap Family” who toured the country heavily.

Before the two met, Bill started a solo career on Mercury Records. This was the start of a bright career which sparked various TV appearances and some notoriety on the Billboard charts.  Bill became the first artist to record a song written by Kris Kristofferson.  An exceptionally talented songwriter, Bill set his next steps toward creating songs that would be recorded by such well-known artists as Eddy Arnold.  

1980 was a big year for Bill. He met Kim, an event he quoted “Happily brought an end to his solo career!” 

A duo was formed and they have been making a name for themselves non-stop in the music industry.  Songwriting, recording and touring, they found a way to keep it all in the family.  The way it always has been.

In the nineties, Reba McEntire recorded a song that Kim and Bill penned which became a top five hit single entitled, "They Asked About You." The song was included in McEntire's “Greatest Hits Vol. II,” an album that went to #1 and has currently sold over eleven million copies.​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

In 2003 they formed the group Nash3. Keeping with their “Family Style” of music, they drafted their youngest son Jimmy to be a part of the group.  With much success in their new endeavor, "In God We Still Trust" was written and recorded, and became #1 on the independent record charts.   Country group Diamond Rio heard the song and picked it up for their album, “Greatest Hits II.”  Nash3 was truly making a name in the industry.

The latest turn in the ever-moving careers of this talented family, Jimmy Nash has now embarked on a solo career.  His move to LA and brilliant songwriting landed him a record deal on Cloverdale Music.  While Jimmy pursues his solo career, Bill & Kim continue to write with him, while rekindling their love of being on the road once again as a duo.

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The Book is called, " Saints Sinners Singer ".